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Sync calendar (Export)

How to integrate with Airbnb to automatically disable dates and times from your date picker

Using the import functionality available in the PRO Plugin, you can import Airbnb‘s calendar of bookings to your date picker so that you have the dates and times automatically disabled.

The import function will help you limit different guests booking your place on the same dates by syncing your Airbnb calendar with your website’s calendar. A useful feature to prevent identical bookings for other users easily & effectively. 

Follow the below steps to import (sync) Airbnb calendar to your Date and Time picker field.

Generate Export Address from Airbnb

  1. Before generating an export address, make sure you’ve got the Airbnb Host account.
  2. Go to Airbnb Dashboard Listings → Select your listingPricing and availabilityCalendar sync
  3. Now click Export Calendar, and then copy the URL.

Integrate with Input WP using .ics URL

  1. Go to the Input WPIntegrationImportclick Add newdefine Label so you can easily identify it (useful when multiple integrations are available)
  2. Paste the Airbnb Export Address in the .ics URL field
  3. Choose the Sync periodicity that makes sense in your case. (This will start an automated task to communicate with Airbnb to update the data if any changes happen)
  4. Click Save

If you have more questions, use the public forum (for the Basic plugin), or submit your support ticket (for PRO users).