10 Essential Free Contact Form 7 Add Ons Worth Trying

Contact Form 7 by far one of the best WordPress contact form builder plugins. It has an easy user interface. Lots of fields to add, and no matter what business industry you serve, it can easily fit.

Nevertheless, it’s a simple contact form and without Contact Form 7 add ons, you’ll only get the best when there’s only queries or users want to contact.

And if you want to use the contact form 7 more than that, like receiving payments, booking appointments or even fitting it in a stylish design, you’re left with empty hands. 

But, due to its flexibility, you can easily integrate it with different extensions and take your form and its fields to the next level.

Therefore, in this blog post, we will look at the best Contact Form 7 add ons. So, you can make the most out of every contact form.

Let’s check them out!


(1) Date and Time Picker

For businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, and clinics, having an appointment booking system on the website can help them manage their clients and staff easily.

Plus, customers would also know when to visit and take the desired service at their favourite go-to place. 

With Contact Form 7, providing users with the option to make a booking isn’t available. However, using the Date and Time Picker plugin, you can convert your contact forms into a booking system. 

You can provide your customers with the option to select a date and time on the form and allow them to book an appointment. 

It’s a free WordPress appointment plugin that converts input fields into a date calendar and time picker using CSS Selector. 

To create an appointment booking system in WordPress using Date and Time Picker, all you need to do is install it, and follow this guide to create a WordPress booking scheduling system with Contact Form 7.


What Else Can You Do on Contact Form 7 With Date and Time Picker?

  • Create WordPress appointment or booking forms with past dates disabled.
  • Disable specific dates and weekdays like weekends and national holidays.
  • Define separate time for separate weekdays.
  • Choose where to load the script of your date calendar and time picker.
  • Define date slots.
  • Create a time range for your business’ opening hours.
  • Prevent users from making changes using the keyboard.
  • Supports multiple languages and other options to make an appointment form on WordPress highly efficient.

Below is the WordPress appointment booking form example created using Contact Form 7 and Date and Time Picker.

If you choose to go with the pro version of Date and Time Picker, then after the upcoming update, you’d be able to Sync your fields to Google Calendar, Outlook, Airbnb, Booking.com, or any other tool that exports .ics file (URL). A new design for the date calendar, and full control over the style of the calendar. Define the colors, fonts and labels.

For more information visit here.


(2) Material Design for Contact Form 7

Material Design for Contact Form 7 add ons

Material Design for Contact Form 7 is another one of the best Contact Form 7 add ons. If you simply create a form using Contact Form 7 and add it to a page, you will get a simple contact form —  no necessarily designs or any appeal to engage the user. 

However, with Material Design, you can bring that engagement to your contact form 7. 

Using this plugin, you can apply the design concept that has been introduced by Google, which uses more grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows to make the form stylish. 

Contact form 7 example with material design

Moreover, by combining Material Design with Date and Time Picker, you can also create a material design datepicker. Thus, your appointment forms will also look more good with Google material design. 


How Can Material Design Help You on a Contact Form 7?

By using material design on a Contact Form 7, this is what you’ll get,

  • Create a contact form with multiple material design themes —  Light and Dark.
  • Text and select fields in boxed and outlined variants.
  • Multiple form button variants. 
  • Add custom CSS with syntax highlighting.
  • Supports multiple modern browsers.
  • Add input fields like text, email, URL, tel, number, and date with boxed and outlined style.
  • Optional auto-resizing for Text area.
  • Multiple material design (boxed & outlined) for Select/drop-down menu.
  • And much more.

Below is the material design form example created using Contact Form 7 and Date and Time Picker.

If you choose the pro version of the Material Design for Contact Form 7, you get the option to customize colors and fonts, arrange fields into columns; change radio buttons and checkboxes into switches, and a couple more.

For more information visit here.


(3) PayPal + Strip Add on for Contact Form 7

PayPal and Stripe Contact Form 7 extension

Want to receive payments on your contact form? Then with a usual form created using Contact Form 7, you cannot do it.

However, with a Contact Form 7 extension like PayPal + Stripe Add On, you could easily do that.

This Contact Form 7 PayPal extension not only allows you to provide users to pay for a service using PayPal, but they could also do it using Stripe. 

Simply put, you can create an appointment or registration form with Paypal and Stripe integration. 

It is another free WordPress plugin with easy-to-use options that allow you to create each contact form with its own PayPal & Stripe settings. 

It uses an auto-redirect approach to send users payment requests to PayPal or Stripe gateway depending on the payment integration you’ve enabled on a particular form. 

Just enable PayPal or Stripe on the form, input your PayPal or Stripe account’s details, and it will take care of your clients’ payment. 

Nothing much needed to do.


Features Included With the PayPal + Strip Contact Form 7 Add on

  • PayPal and Stripe payments history.
  • Define items name, price, SKU/ID in accordance with the Contact Form.
  • Multiple languages support up to 18 different languages.
  • Built-in support for 25 currencies.
  • PayPal testing through SandBox.
  • Define a cancel payment URL.
  • Define a successful payment URL.

This is how you can create a Contact Form 7 with PayPal and Stripe extension.

If you choose to go with the pro version of Pay + Stripe Contact Form 7 Add On, then you’ll get the option to send Contact Form 7 email if PayPal or Stripe payment is successful only.

Pay normal Stripe fees only, link a form item to quantity and price. Link up to 5 different price elements/form and much more options to create an efficient contact form with payment integration.

Find more information here.


(4) Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields

Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7

Conditional fields are missing in Contact Form 7, but with Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields, you can do the magic.

With this free WordPress conditional form plugin, you can have those types of fields on the contact form that would appear when a user selects a particular related field.

A will appear if B is selected, and D will appear if C is selected. It fulfils the requirements of a form where you have a product, service or technical query that needs to be answered based on a particular structure. 

If they choose Laptop, the form will show -> HP, Dell, and more.

If they choose Mobile, the form will show -> Apple, Samsung and more.

This is how the conditional fields on a Contact Form 7 works. 

How conditional fields add on works on Contact Form 7

The plugin gets itself integrated into the Contact Form editor and provides you with all the options to create conditional logic enabled form. 


What’s Included With Conditional Fields Contact Form 7 Add On

  • Add multiple fields.
  • Use AND, Equals and Not equals condition to create conditional fields.
  • You can use required fields inside hidden groups without any validation problems.
  • Based on what groups are visible, easily show or hide information in emails.
  • You can create nested groups for both email and the form.
  • Without using the select boxes, advanced users can code the conditions as plain text with Text View.

If you want to add more features to your Contact Form 7 Conditional fields, then upgrade to its pro version.

It provides you with the options to add repeatable fields, can create multi-step forms, use relational operators, regular expressions, add toggle buttons and much more.

For more information visit here.


(5) ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7

ReCaptcha Contact form 7 add on

Add an extra level of security to your Contact Form 7 with the reCaptcha addon.

A simple yet useful plugin to display reCaptcha challenge on your forms to make sure no spam or bots get inside your contact form queries.

ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7 is a free WordPress plugin that brings the Google reCaptcha APIs to your contact form and displays them to the users when they fill up. 

Using it you can display Google reCaptcha V2. However, to display Google reCaptcha V3 you need to follow the below instructions,

reCaptcha V3 query

That’s all it does; there’s nothing more or exceptional you can expect from this plugin. But to display reCaptcha on Contact Form 7, it’s the easiest way.

So, for that you should have it on your website.


(6) Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms

Multi Step Forms for Contact Form 7

For businesses like digital marketing and companies like surveying, multi-step forms are very crucial.

They provide the business owner with the option to collect all the useful information of a user or client.

And not just digital marketing and survey campaigns need multi-step forms, but many different e-Commerce stores require this type of website mechanism to fulfil their sales funnel.

Therefore, to add a multi-step form to a WordPress site, the Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms plugin comes in place.

Using this free WordPress multi-step Contact Form 7 add on and its options, you can easily create a multi-step form that would follow the process of showing the next & previous steps of a form.

To get this plugin to work, you need to create multiple pages or posts with Contact Form 7 and then use those pages/post URLs.

It will then serve them as the previous and next step on the form. It simply connects multiple forms to create a multi-step form.


(7) Contact Form 7 HubSpot

HubSpot Contact Form 7 Add On

Hubspot is the nicest way to run marketing campaigns, sales program and other services software.

But, if you want to send your Contact Form 7’s form details to the HubSpot, then how you would do it?

Simple, you’ll use the Contact Form 7 HubSpot add on that would allow you to integrate your contact form with Hubspot and get everything synced.

Follow simple instructions, generate HubSpot API and send your contact form details to the HubSpot CRM.

Nothing much required from you to get this done.


Features You’ll Get With HubSpot Add On for Contact Form 7

  • Map HubSpot fields.
  • Option to easily filter Contact Form 7 submissions.
  • View HubSpot Logs in detail.
  • Send contact form data manually to HubSpot.
  • And a lot more features.

If you get the pro version of HubSpot Contact Form 7 add on, then you’d get custom fields, option to assign HubSpot contact to Deal, Ticket, Task, and Company. Plus, view contact list and workflows and many more useful features.

For more information visit here.


(8) Slick Popup: Contact Form 7 Popup Plugin

Slick Popup Contact Form 7 Add on

Slick Popup is one of the best popup Contact Form 7 add on that allows you to make any of your form pop up, whenever required.

To done marketing right and bring more leads to the business, showing popup is one of the best approaches.

And Slick Popup can help you do that effectively.

Using its easy to use options, you can quickly make your contact form popup based on multiple rules.

Plus, it’s responsive to all devices. So, you don’t have to worry that whether it will work on a mobile phone/table or not.

It’s good for website with a single product or service. Moreover, using Slick Popup Contact Form 7 add on, you can display popups on all pages of your website.

Sounds interesiting, right!


What Can You Do With the Slick Popup Extension?

The following options you’ll get with the free version of Slick Popup Contact Form 7 add on,

  • Ability to place different popups for different pages.
  • Multiple color schemes for your popup contact form.
  • Easily import demo forms with a 1-click option.
  • Style side button of the popup contact form.
  • Customization options for the submit button.

If you choose to purchase the premium version of the Slick Popup Contact Form 7 add on, then you’ll get multiple popup activation modes, over 25 animations effects with 5 pre-built layouts and the ability to place multiple popups on a single page.

For more information visit here.


(9) Google Map for Contact Form 7

Many website owners prefer to display a map on their contact form. They like to provide users or website visitors directions to their place.

And if you’re looking to do the same, then using the Google Map for Contact Form 7 add on, you can easily display Google Map on your form.

It simply converts the input field into a Google Map.


Things You Can Do With the Google Map for Contact Form 7

  • Add multiple maps to a single form.
  • Users can look up addresses using a search bar.
  • Highly customizable to control all configuration parameters on each map.
  • It can work fine on popups.
  • And many more options.


(10) Contact Form 7 Extension For Mailchimp

Contact Form 7 Add On for Mailchimp

Using Contact Form 7 without integrating it with Mailchimp isn’t going to help you much. You might lose track of your submissions and crucial details of website visitors that submit the form.

However, with Contact Form 7 Extension for Mailchimp, you’ve got the situation in your control.

It’s another one of the free Contact Form 7 add ons which you can use to automatically add your Contact Form 7 submissions to Mailchimp’s audiences (formerly called a list), with the help of Mailchimp’s integration API.

Moreover, it can be used to supports multiple contact forms, audiences and API keys.

If you want to use Mailchimp for your email marketing campaigns, then this is the plugin you should go for.


Features You Can Get With the Contact Form 7 Extension for Mailchimp

  • Support for many custom fields.
  • It can be used for multiple contact forms.
  • Different Mailchimp API key support for a different contact form.
  • Multiple Mailchimp Audiences support.
  • Single & double opt-in compatibility.
  • Display opt-in checkbox.
  • Can integrate with the latest Mailchimp API V3.

If you get the premium version of Mailchimp Extension for Contact Form 7, you can Tag and Group existing Mailchimp Subscribers. Can add unlimited custom fields, apply email verification and many other useful customizations.

For more information visit here.


So, this was our look at 10 essential Contact Form 7 add ons that you should try on your WordPress site to get the best out of your forms.

Each plugin is available for free and comes with a lot of options. So, you can easily apply the customization that you’re looking for.

If you want to add a more stylish and effective date calendar to your form, then try the premium version of the Date and Time Picker Contact Form 7 add on. And let us what was your experience using it.

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